Parish Council normally meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, September to June.

The members of the 2022  Parish Council are:

Rector – Rev. Canon George Kwari
Parish Administrator – Marilyn Brownlee
Rector’s Warden – Richard Fleming
Deputy Rector’s Warden – Dave Muirhead
People’s Warden – Leslie Worden
Deputy People’s Warden – Shirley Brathwaite
Treasurer – Rob Hamilton
Assistant Treasurer – Eileen Mortimer
Education Coordinator – Hilary Dawson
Fellowship Coordinator – Pat Hamilton
Liturgical Coordinator – Dave Chisholm
Communications Coordinator – Leslie Worden
Outreach Co-coordinator – Margaret Muirhead,
Property Coordinator –  George Weber
Stewardship Coordinator – TBD
Lay Members of Synod – Marilyn Sullivan, Richard Fleming,  Shirley Brathwaite
Synod Alternates – Jack Dyment, Rob Hosselet , Hilary Dawson & Wardens
Member-at-Large – George Ndubuisi